Where are the Herring?

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Herring Spawn Tours

The 2017 Herring Spawn is gearing up.  You can tell by all the sea lions, birds and fishermen that are showing up in Comox.  Although there are some resident sea lions, most have come from California. They have come to feast on the huge schools of herring that spawn in the local waters.  Many young eagles die of malnutrition during the winter and the herring spawn is the first big banquet since the salmon spawn.  When the herring school up to spawn every animal in, on, and above the water goes crazy.  They all want there share of the feast.


Comox Harbour Charters will try again this year to get the public out to witness this spectacular event.  These trips will be short notice to try and hit the window of weather and herring activity.  I have quite a list of people from past years that want to get out and view all this activity on the water.  If you would like to join us, send me an e-mail with your contact info, number of guests and days available.  I will contact you when we get a chance to go out.  If we run out of Comox, a two hour trip will be $40 pp.


Here is a link to the Fisheries herring info bulletins.  They will issue a new bulletin every day until this fishery is over.