Herring off Bates Beach!

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They’re off Bates Beach now, north of Comox and Seal Bay!

The main turquoise patch of milt you see in front of the fishing boat is about a kilometer long and probably 250 meters wide. It’s getting bigger all the time, and there are seals, sea lions, eagles, gulls, and cormorants all feasting on the herring. Fish are jumping out of the water, so there are probably salmon chasing them from underneath. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if the orcas join the party later.

We’re doing our best to get a trip going right away, so today’s the day to make contact. We’ll set it up and let you know in the morning. As it looks right now, we’ll probably head out before lunch and spend the afternoon trying for the best local viewing opportunities.

Dress warm, it’s beautiful out there, but it’s always cooler than it looks. We’ll have an outdoor heater, but please bring a sweater and a jacket, as well as gloves and a warm hat.