Spring is near, let’s all cheer.

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Hull Maintenance

Spring is coming!  Officially, spring starts in three days, but we had some snow again this morning.  When spring weather gets here, we will head north for a month.  We will stop in  Campbell River to do some hull maintenance, then carry on north for some adventures.  The trip will commence around April 7th and last about a month. Mittlenatch Island, which we pass on the way up and back, is best viewed in Spring. Stay tuned for opportunities to join us for a few days.

Mittlenatch Island

When the boat gets back in early May, we will start doing trips out of Comox again.  May is usually a good month for crabbing and we will start crabbing experience tours.

June has the Shellfish Festival where we will be doing tours to Holliewood Oysters deep water site.  The boat is mostly hired for private trips, but we try and do a couple public tours a month.  Sunset Cruises, River Cruises and Eco Tours will be be offered throughout the season.

We specialize in private trips for groups of up to 12 passengers.  These trips can be anything from family get-togethers to stag parties.  The boat is equipped with barbecues, sound system and kayaks, if requested.  The scattering of ashes is another popular charter that we can accommodate.  Send us an e-mail for answers to any questions you may have.