The Illusive Herring

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Comox Harbour Sea LionsTuesday morning, and a small break in the weather.  I was leaning towards a day on the mountain, but I knew my deckhand wanted to move the crab traps.  Last year we had our traps close to where the seine boats were fishing herring and lost a couple.  The seine boats get the first opportunity to fish when the percentage gets above 10%.  The gill netters usually have to wait until the percentage gets up to 12%.  Today one school tested at 9.9% down off Deep Bay.  While we were out tending the traps a lot of the seiners left the harbour and headed south.  We saw no sign of the herring outside of Goose Spit.  The storms can break up the schools and make them hard to find.  The water was quite rough from the last couple days of gales.  I was hoping to go out this Sunday, but that looks like the worst weather day. The weather is not forecasted to improve for the foreseeable future, so it is wait and see.