Spreading Ashes

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When I first bought the boat I thought the business would cater to adventure tourism.  I envisioned taking boat loads of kayakers to the far reaches of the coast.  While I have done some of this on the shoulder seasons, most of my trips have been two and three hour cruises out of Comox.

The Comox Valley has turned into one of the more popular places to retire.  Most of my past business has been middle aged and retired locals.  It was only a matter of time until I started to get requests for the purpose of spreading ashes.  A lot of the people that have spent time here would like their ashes spread on the mountains or on the water.  At first I was just doing it for friends, but over the years it was getting more common to get requests for spreading the ashes of loved ones.  I finally checked out the regulations to see if this was evan legal.  Well it is.  Once a body has been cremated, it is no longer considered human remains. The law states that you can do what you want with cremated remains, but need permission to spread them on private property. In the bigger cities there are a lot of companies offering this service.

IMG_0404We have now done many trips to spread the ashes of families loved ones.  These trips are usually joyous reunions of close friends and family that are attending to someone’s last wishes.  The boat is well suited for these gatherings of up to 12 passengers.  We have teamed up with other boats to accommodate more people.  The minimum two hour trip is $420.   E-mail or call for more information on this or any boating excursion.