Learn how to catch and eat crab.

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Brian Clair
Brian Clair

Crab can be harvested all year long.  All you need is a fishing licence, a trap and some bait.  That being said, there are a lot of rules to ensure the crab population is sustained.  Only male crabs can be kept.  They must be legal size, 165mm width across the shell.  If a crab has a soft shell, it has just moulted and should be thrown back.

The traps are also regulated.  They must have exits for the under size crabs to escape.  Traps must have large areas laced with rot cord so, if the trap is lost, it won’t keep fishing.  All traps must be checked every 2 weeks at the longest. Each person with a licence can fish two traps that have their name and Ph# on the buoy.  The line from the buoy to the trap must be weighted so there is no line floating to get fouled in props of passing boats.IMG_2797

Book a Crabbing Experience with us and watch and learn as we pull our traps and cook any keepers on board for the enjoyment of our guests.  We can’t guarantee we will catch crab, so we will have other seafood snacks for the guests to enjoy.  This trip can be booked online or contact us to get on a scheduled trip or interested list.