Hollie Wood Oyster Farm Tour

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We will be doing another tour to Hollie Wood Oysters deep water site.  This is our most popular trip, and it is time I talked about this wonderful family business.  Hollie Wood Oysters is located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and has been farming Shellfish since 1996. Greg and Hollie met while working at Fanny Bay Oysters as young adults. A perfect match, they married and started a family and Hollie Wood Oysters. ( Hollies last name was Wood )They have a beach site on Denman Island & a deep water site in Baynes Sound.  The deep water site can only be accessed by boat and this is where we get involved.  About once a month we bring the public to the rafts for a demonstration on the workings of a deep water oyster farm.  In exchange for their valuable time and oysters, we bring a Chef of their choice to wittiness the process.


On Tuesday Sept 16th we will be leaving Comox at 9:30 AM with Devon from the Avenue Restaurant.  It takes just over an hour to get to the farm, where we get a 30 minute demonstration.  On the trip home Chef Devon will prepare oysters and mussels fresh from the farm for the enjoyment of the guests.



Greg & Hollie see this as a good way to educate the chefs and public on the wonderful and sustainable  art of raising oysters.  This is an exert from their web-site

We are a family operated shellfish farm growing oysters in the pristine waters off Denman Island. Our farming methods are concentrated on growing beautiful, deep cupped, oysters. We are committed to strict temperature controlled monitoring, so you can be confident you will be receiving the highest quality product possible.

Oysters are a delicious, healthy choice for any occasion, perfect for restaurants, banquets and weddings. Get your oysters fresh, direct from the farmer, throughout the year. We take great pride in our product and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy growing them!

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