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Fishing Season is Here We have been very successful in the Crab fishing this year, but it is starting to slow down. Time to re-rig the boat for fishing. We spotted Pink Salmon in the river and are getting reports … Read More

Crab & Cruise

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Exploring around Baynes Sound with a stop at our crab Traps. This 3 hour trip leaves Comox and heads south into Baynes Sound.  Since we go past our crab traps, we might as well check them.  There is no guarantee, … Read More

Learn how to catch and eat crab.

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Crab can be harvested all year long.  All you need is a fishing licence, a trap and some bait.  That being said, there are a lot of rules to ensure the crab population is sustained.  Only male crabs can be … Read More

Whole Boat Charter

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Getting your group on the water Rent the whole boat with captain and deckhand so you can plan your own custom cruise.  The cost is $210 per hour (2 hour minimum) and we are licensed to carry 12 passengers.  We … Read More

Shellfish Festival

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We are happy to be involved in this years Shellfish Festival again.  This year we plan on doing three tours to Hollie Wood Oysters deep water site, during the festival. This is our most popular cruise, and sells out every … Read More

The Illusive Herring

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Tuesday morning, and a small break in the weather.  I was leaning towards a day on the mountain, but I knew my deckhand wanted to move the crab traps.  Last year we had our traps close to where the seine … Read More

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